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Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Doctor Ryan Roberts smiling

Dr. Ryan Roberts

“The reason I became a pediatric dentist is I enjoy taking care of kids. I have 9 nieces and nephews- every time I left a family function I would have 4 on one leg and 5 on the other. Plus, I love being a go-to resource for families.  Maybe your child is fearful or anxious, or has special needs, or has a lot of needs that other dentists have been unable to treat. As a specialist, I can take care of all those issues in an environment that’s free of fear and anxiety”.

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American Board Certified Orthodontist Doctor Kelly Klontz smiling

Dr. Kelly Klontz

American Board Certified Orthodontist, 2003 – Born and Raised in Oklahoma – Has been practicing as an (awesome) orthodontist for 29 years

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Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Doctor Chelsea Taliaferro smiling

Dr. Chelsea Taliaferro

“I’ve wanted to be a pediatric dentist as long as I can remember! In elementary school I did a science experiment to show how different beverages can decay teeth. My dad is a veterinarian so he supplied dog teeth to test in different kinds of drinks – surprisingly orange juice was the worst (even worse than soda)! I love working in pediatrics because I get to be silly with kids everyday! There’s nothing better than making a kid laugh while fixing their precious smile. Kids just make everything so fun – you never know what they’re going to say! I’m passionate about what I do because I have the opportunity to give my patients a great dental experience, while setting them up for a lifetime of good dental experiences and oral health.”

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