Last year, 122 dentists and doctors referred children to us. Here are eight reasons why:

1.  Your Patients Belong to You

When patients are referred to us for specialty care, we make it clear that they will return to you — their regular dentist — for continuity of care.

Our staff is well-trained to make sure parents understand that after treatment is completed, their child’s next appointment is with you.

2.  Gentle, Effective Care

We treat children in a calm, gentle, safe environment, using multiple levels of in-office sedation based on the needs of the child.  Hospital dentistry is provided at St. Francis and OSU Medical Center.

3.  Patient Experience

96% of parents rate their overall experience as either “Excellent” or “Very Good”.

That’s not by accident. We invest heavily in staff training and strive to improve every day.

4. Convenience

Near 103rd and Memorial, our office is easy to get to for patients who live in Bixby, South Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Jenks and surrounding communities.

5. Se Habla Español

We have Spanish-speaking staff at the front desk and chairside.

6. Quick Appointment Times

Children with dental problems need to be treated sooner rather than later, especially when they are in pain. In many cases, we can arrange same day or next day appointments.

7. Special Needs

For children with autism, Down syndrome, cancer, heart conditions – Dr. Roberts and our staff have special training to take care of these kids in a safe, effective manner.

8. Easy to Do Business With

There are three easy ways you can refer patients to us:

a)  Call 918.970.4944

You can call this number anytime – daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays – and speak directly with one of our team members.

b)  Fax 918.970.4953

If you need a fax referral form, just let us know and we’ll send one over.

c)  Online

Click here to access our secure online referral form.

If you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know.  It’s our pleasure to serve you and your patients.