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The Best Way to Clean Your Baby’s Teeth



Many first-time parents often wonder about how to best clean their baby’s mouth. You might be wondering the same thing: how can I make sure my baby’s mouth is clean?

When your baby is born, one of the very first things we do is feed them—you probably guessed how important that is! An easy way to ensure your child’s mouth is being properly cleaned is to take a warm, damp washcloth and wipe around the inside of their mouth. You can even use the washcloth to massage their little gums! A gentle massage to the gums will actually feel very soothing to your baby. It seems simple, but the washcloth method is an effective way of protecting your child against bacteria in the mouth.

Once you see the first tooth come in you can do away with the washcloth, and start using a toothbrush instead! By using a toothbrush you can get in between the gums and the tooth to clean away all the plaque and debris that accumulates. By far the best way to clean your baby’s mouth when teeth come in is to use the toothbrush. Start the healthy habit of brushing teeth between meals early on!

Teeth coming in means teething pain for your baby. We hear many of our parents ask what they can do to relieve their baby from teething pain. You can reduce your child’s pain by helping the teeth come along. One of the best ways to get those teeth to come in quickly is to brush them. Scrub those teeth well, and they will come in faster!

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