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Major Contest Announcement

Imagine you and your family are onboard a Disney cruise ship… While you dine at a different restaurant every night…Participate in endless activities… And your kids get to hang out with the Disney characters on deck…

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One of the Top Reasons Kids Miss School

Toothaches can be very disruptive to learning! Did you know that a toothache can cause a child to score lower on tests and act out in class? Just imagine trying to sit through a math or social studies class with throbbing tooth pain!

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Is Fluoride Really Bad?

Is Fluoride Really Bad? There are a lot of websites out there that say fluoride is harmful to kids’ teeth. But is fluoride really dangerous for your child?

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How to Win a Vacation to the Bahamas

Imagine you and your family on board a Disney cruise ship for seven nights as you sail to the Bahamas. Sound good?

Well, guess what — we are giving away this Disney cruise vacation package! Here’s how you can win…

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Parents Urged to Vaccinate Children Against Measles

As the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland continues to spread, pediatricians are deeply concerned about the children who have been infected, and those who are at risk because they have not been vaccinated.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly urges parents to make sure their children have received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

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