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Dental Tips for Children You May Have Missed


If you’re not following us on Twitter, here are 43 recent tweets with dental tips for children you may have missed:

  1. Why worry about baby teeth?
  2. How fluoride fights tooth decay
  3. 17 superfoods for oral and overall health
  4. 10 little habits that can hurt your teeth
  5. Use of a good mouthwash reduces plaque in the mouth by at least 50%
  6. Why does my child only have 2 teeth? His friend is the same age and he’s got 5 teeth
  7. The best foods for your teeth
  8. Parents, don’t pass on your dentophobia to your children
  9. There is nothing more beautiful than a kid with a smile
  10. What soda does to your teeth
  11. Dental care tips for your child’s first year
  12. “We took our 18 month old twins last Thursday and they did great – Dr Roberts was great with my kids”
  13. HEALTHY CHOICE OF THE WEEK: Celery! It breaks down into fibrous strands that naturally clean your teeth
  14. Quick tips for keeping your toothbrush clean
  15. The dangers of skipping dental checkups
  16. The best food and drinks for your children’s teeth?
  17. Kids playing sports are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth if not wearing a mouthguard!
  18. 3 types of mouthguards for kids’ sports — which is best?
  19. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Your kid’s teeth need only 4 of them
  20. 9 drinks that can dissolve your teeth
  21. Myth: Taking care of children’s baby teeth is unnecessary. Truth: You need to establish good dental practices ASAP
  22. When permanent teeth come in behind baby teeth — should you be concerned?
  23. Yet another good reason to keep your teeth clean
  24. 5 dental tips for expectant mothers
  25. The best dental insurance is a tooth brush and some floss!
  26. Handy checklist for a dental first aid kit
  27. How to get your kids to brush their teeth? Here are 5 great tips
  28. Putting a cap on your toothbrush traps moisture and favors bacterial growth – YUCK!
  29. When do children’s baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth come in?
  30. Pediatric dentists vs. family dentists — what’s the difference?
  31. What to do if you chip, loosen or knock out a tooth
  32. Top 3 keys to prevent kids’ cavities: 1. Diet 2. Brushing 3. Regular check-ups
  33. Why take care of your child’s baby teeth?
  34. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! It harbors a lot of bacteria as well
  35. Why kids who play baseball should wear mouthguards
  36. The worst food for children’s teeth
  37. A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you ~ Author Unknown
  38. Think your child has a crossbite? Here’s what it looks like
  39. 10 tips that can help prevent dental cavities
  40. 5 tips to get your kids to brush their teeth
  41. People who drink 3 or more glasses of soda each day have 62% more tooth decay, fillings and tooth loss


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