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Cash for Kids’ Halloween Candy


The spookiest part of Halloween?  When your children come back from trick-or-treating with a whole shopping bag full of candy!

Good news. Now your kids can get some cash, support American troops serving overseas and cut down on the amount of sugar they consume with our…

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Here’s how it works.

— After your kids go trick-or-treating, let them pick out their favorites.

— Bag up the excess unopened candy and bring it to our office on Tuesday, November 4th from 3:30 – 5:30.

— Your kids will get $1 for each pound of candy, up to five pounds.

— We’ll ship the candy in care packages to American military servicemen and women as part of Operation Gratitude.

It’s a wonderful way to put those extra treats to good use and bring a smile to the troops by sending a little comfort from home.

Plus, you can teach your children about the importance of giving back to those who protect us and serve our great country.




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