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Kids Sports: Protection Is A Mouthful


Check back next year for our annual Mouth Guard Day event and get your young athlete a free mouthguard.

by Dr. Ryan Roberts

Cheering on your favorite athlete from the sidelines is one of the most exhilarating and – okay, yes – stressful moments of parenthood. Your baby is out there having a great time, and you’re trying to smile through the apprehension every time the ball, the ground, or another kid’s elbow connects with your child.

The gasps coming from the stands are real.

As you outfit your little one in every piece of safety gear allowable in the sport, make sure you include a mouth guard. They are a crucial part of your child’s uniform when it comes to protecting their teeth, gums, lips, tongue, jaw bone, and even a noted protection against concussion.

Here’s why we believe mouth guards are so important we give them away for free to Tulsa area children every year during our Mouth Guard Day:

Protection for the teeth

A quick elbow or ball to the mouth could cause a fracture, which is when the tooth is broken or chipped, or even an avulsion, which occurs when the entire tooth and root is knocked out. The mouth guard, made from flexible, durable material, provides a protective barrier to keep your child’s teeth from being damaged.

Guarding the tongue and cheek

With a mouth guard, your child’s tongue and cheek are protected against lacerations caused from biting down during a sudden blow to the mouth.

Supporting proper alignment

Should that dreaded hit to the head happen, a mouth guard keeps your child’s jaw properly separated, which helps prevent against jaw dislocation and tooth damage.

Concussion prevention

Studies have proven that athletes wearing a mouth guard have a lower risk of concussion. The additional padding, it is believed, helps absorb the shock, minimize the impact from the jaw, and provide head and neck stability.

We want every child to be protected. The possibility of injury for your little athlete will always be present when playing sports. However, the use of this simple protection can guard against and help prevent so many painful injuries. That’s why we urge parents and guardians to come to our annual Mouth Guard Day on June 22 to obtain this protection we’re offering at no charge.

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