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On the Cusp – As Seen on TV


In case you missed it, On the Cusp was featured recently on Channel 2’s 6 O’clock News.

Here’s a transcript of the segment as seen on TV, as reported by KJRH co-anchor Russ McCaskey.

Healthy Smiles – the Back to School Program Helping Hundreds of Oklahoma Youngsters

Back to school time is a great opportunity to give your kids a checkup.  A lot of kids get vision tests or shots, but experts say not enough goes to the dentist.

Today, a group of dentists across the state are trying to change that by offering free screenings.

New at 6: The effort to stop dental problems before they start.

Pediatric dentist Ryan Roberts in Bixby is part of a new tradition: Giving kids free screenings as part of a back to school annual checkup.

“Tooth decay is THE number one disease of childhood,” says Dr. Roberts.  “So this is a way we can create awareness and also identify problems – small problems hopefully – before they get into bigger problems and kids end up missing school.”

On the Cusp Dentistry is one of 150 dentists across the state offering the free screenings.  It’s a statewide effort to put dental health front and center in family’s lives.

The Oklahoma Dentistry Association and Board of Education are teaming up to make this possible.  Parents seem to appreciate it.

“I think it’s great, said Michelle Taylor, who brought all of her kids in for the free screenings.

“It gets everybody motivated to come in and get those checks done. And that’s a very important thing, especially before school starts and the schedule gets really busy.”

Some of the kids were a little shy, but after they warmed up, the dentist was able to get a good look at all their teeth.

“We want to give them a healthy start.  It’s really important for the rest of their life,” said Ms. Taylor.

Dentists say when it comes to keeping teeth healthy, your kids’ diet may play the biggest role.

“If we have lots of snacks, or lots of sugary drinks, that sugar sits on the teeth all day long — and all night if they have something at night,” according to Dr. Roberts.  “And that’s really when we have some problems, especially with young kids.

The Taylor family got a free positive report, and they’re glad they came in.  Now they’re ready for classes to begin.

“The free screenings are just a great way to start the school year,” said another mother who brought in her four children.

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