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We are so lucky to have Dr. Kelly Klontz as a part of the OTC family. Dr. Kelly has been practicing for twenty-nine years, giving thousands of patients their greatest smile. We want your orthodontic treatment to be appropriate, affordable and of the highest quality.

Along with the American Academy of Orthodontics, Dr. Kelly says children should have an orthodontic assessment around the age of seven.

We practice interceptive orthodontics, which means diagnosing and treating malocclusions (the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth) as soon as they are detected. Growth is a huge part of orthodontics, and monitoring the growth of a child’s teeth is the best way to find and fix an issue.

Now, this doesn’t mean your child will necessarily get braces at age seven, it just means our doctors will start to monitor your child’s mouth to make sure everything is going smoothly.

For the most part, a candidate for braces will be around the age 11-13 years old, when a child has their permanent teeth.

If you think your child is a candidate for orthodontics, or want more information please call our office today. Consultations for braces are free!!

Dr. Kelly would love to meet you and answer all your questions!

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