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Painless, Drugless Laser Dentistry for Children


It’s here, it’s real, and it’s awesome.

by Dr. Ryan Roberts

Taking your kids to the dentist used to be about as much fun as…well…taking your kids to the dentist. They’re scared and afraid it will hurt. You’re scared and know it will hurt. Then there’s the recovery time while you wait for the numbness to wear off. They can’t eat. They can’t feel their mouth. They don’t understand numbness, so it becomes a frightening experience. Add to that fact they may bite or chew on their lip due to a lack of feeling, and you’ve got a rough day ahead.

That was the pediatric dentistry of yesterday.

That is not the pediatric dentistry of today.

Thanks to laser dentistry, taking your kids to the dentist no longer has to feel like such a pain in the molar. It’s painless and, in most cases, there is no need for anesthesia. That means the recovery time can be instant.

How Laser Dentistry Works

The Laser, which replaces the use of a mechanical drill, uses energy in various wavelengths of light, which causes no uncomfortable heat or vibration for the patient. When the light interacts with the water molecules in the tooth, the molecules cause the nerve to naturally numb, requiring little to no anesthesia.

This innovative technology, which can be used to treat issues such as cavities, tongue-tie release, and gum care, allows the patient to recover immediately post procedure with no downtime. That means your child can immediately eat, return to school, and resume their normal schedule.

Why I Love It

My goal at On The Cusp as always been to create an environment for children, and parents, that is free of fear and anxiety. And even fun! (Yes, we love to have fun.)

This new advance in pediatric dentistry makes that possible – no shots, no fear, no pain…no kidding! Here are a few areas of dental care where Laser Technology can now be used:

– Cavity diagnoses and removal
– Whitening teeth
– Pediatric procedures
Tongue-tie release
– Gum related care

If you’d like to know if Laser dentistry is right for your child’s dental needs, we offer free consultations. Call (918) 970-4944 or visit and schedule an appointment. We’d love to meet you and your family and redefine the term “trip to the dentist” for you.

Come meet our team and take a tour of our kid-friendly office!

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