Orthodontics can help your child enjoy healthy teeth and jaw alignment beginning as young as age 6. Due to the fact your child’s teeth and jaw are still developing, this can be an optimal time to treat dental and facial irregularities, such as overbites, under-bites, spacing issues, crowding, congenitally missing teeth, protruding teeth, the premature loss or retention of baby teeth, thumb-sucking issues, and certain types of dental diseases.

Early treatment of incorrectly positioned dental arches and jaws can also help your child have less involved treatment as they age. Thanks to technological advancements, the correction of these issues by wearing orthodontics is now more comfortable, inconspicuous, and requires less time.

How Do Orthodontics Help?

Orthodontics safely move teeth back into proper alignment for facial development and jaw growth by applying gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws. Different appliances, both fixed and removable, can be used in orthodontics. Braces, the most common fixed appliance used, are now designed to be lighter, smaller, and show far less metal than braces in the past. They also come in bright, fun colors or clear styles. Being called “Brace-face” is actually pretty cool today.

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