For more than 20 years, lasers have offered a safe, less invasive treatment option for a wide range of dental procedures. By using lasers instead of drills and scalpels, dental procedures often require less or no anesthesia (hooray for no shots!). Laser dentistry also sterilizes the gums, which means a lower frequency of infection.

Patients lose less blood and require less recovery time with laser dentistry than with traditional dental surgery. Due to the lack of vibration during the procedure (not to mention the dreaded drilling sound), laser dentistry is often a more comforting treatment for children who are nervous or anxious about dental treatments. Less pain, no fear – laser dentistry is a win for everyone!

How Laser Dentistry Works:

Lasers use focused light beams to alter or remove tissue. This technique can be used in a variety of dental procedures, including overgrown tissue removal, reshaping the gums, treating canker and cold sores, removing muscle attachments, performing biopsies, treating gum disease, and treating infections in root canals. All of this with no drills!

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