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About Us

On The Cusp was founded in 2012 by Dr. Ryan Roberts. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for children of all ages. Book your appointment at either our Midtown or South Tulsa location today!

Our Mission

To guide, comfort, and support each child through tenderness and love. To profoundly impact each family by exceeding expectations.

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Green mouth guard with blue case

Kids Sports: Protection Is A Mouthful

As you outfit your little one in every piece of safety gear allowable in the sport, make sure you include a mouth guard. They are a crucial part of your child’s uniform when it comes to protecting their teeth, gums, lips, tongue, jaw bone, and even a noted protection against concussion.

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Young male patient smiles while the dentist holds dental tools next to his mouth

Preventing Cavities and Decay

Above chicken pox, HFM disease, and even the common cold, tooth decay is the #1 disease of childhood. Cavities, decay, and tooth aches account for more missed days of school than any other than any childhood illness.

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